Patagonia ART WALK: Friday & Saturday,  10 am - 4 pm

November 25th & 26th, 2022

Come stroll down our main street, explore our local shops and discover a beautifully eclectic mix of wondrous cool stuff.  Relax in the heart of Patagonia, and enjoy live music, talented local artists, beautiful art,  delicious food...and our unique, quirky small town charm... 

We're  proud to showcase the art, crafts and creative talent of our artists "hidden-in-the-hills" .... in open air courtyards, pavilions, and booths along our main street and in the Town Park.  As you stroll and meet the artists, we hope you'll be delighted by the festive atmosphere and family friendly feeling of Patagonia.   Come enjoy your day and take home treasures.... contemporary sculpture, paintings, textiles, jewelry, handbuilt ceramics, quilts, handmade musical instruments and more!