Colibrí Art Studio & Gallery

299 McKeown

Oil and acrylic human, animal, and nature portraiture


Judith Hinton Andrew Art Studio

305 Smelter

Paintings in oil, watercolor, oil pastels, mixed media


Global Arts Gallery & Lillian's Closet

315 McKeown

Art, Folk-Art, Apparel, Home Goods. Nancy Coyne and other local artists.


Patagonia Trading Post

317 McKeown

Photography, Paintings, Pottery, Jewelry, Woodwork & more

Mesquite Gallery - Regina Medley

375 McKeown

Regina Medley & local artists


Frankie Yourgulez-Buhrer Studio

441a McKeown

Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry


Patagonia Creative Arts Center

304 Naugle

Zach Farley, Martha Kelly, Kort & Sandi Haberlein

Textile Courtyard

255 Third Ave

Barbara Kuhns, Terry Stanford, Lottibiondi, Lady of the Lake, Mary Diesel

Martha Kelly

Pottery at the Arts Center

Zach Farley- Home Grown Instruments

Hand made instruments at the Arts Center

Nancy Coyne at Global Arts Gallery

Paintings & sculpture

Kört and Sandi Haberlein

Wirework, and metal wall sculptures at the Arts Center

Barbara Kuhns

Fiber Arts at Textile Courtyard


Hand-painted fabric, embellished talismans at the Textile Courtyard

Mary Diesel

Ceramic, small gouache, crochet at the Textile Courtyard

Lady of the Lake

Textiles at the Textile Courtyard