Janelle Starr

Oil & watercolor paintings

Janelle Starr has lived in Southern California for most of her youth years but currently resides in Patagonia, Arizona. She graduated from Santa Clara University, CA. As an artist, she focuses mostly on oil and water color painting. Janelle is also an accomplished teacher, television producer, fashion model, and world –wide traveler which has influenced many of her paintings and derived by the various painting styles from detailed to impressionism.  Her paintings continue to be inspired through her travels and exploring many parts of Europe with her husband, Jan and son, Nicholas.

Janelle comes from a family of artists and she has been painting since her childhood. Her style and desire for art developed throughout the years and she continues to give back to others with her expressive and colorful paintings. Her style displays lots of color and texture in her oil paintings. The artist’s passion comes alive through her colorful and vibrant oil and water color paintings.

As a Breast Cancer Survivor, 3rd stage (2017- present), Janelle almost saw her life vanish before her eyes. Through this eye-opening experience, Janelle realized it was a second chance at life. She desires to give “hope” and inspiration to others through her paintings. Despite of all her breast cancer treatments, surgeries, and ongoing appointments, Janelle hopes others capture the emotion and life within each paining. Janelle continues to supports other breast cancer survivors and cancer organizations through her painting profits.

We hope the artist gives you a deeper insight to Janelle’s paintings and you enjoy life to its fullest! Some of the other places that Janelle’s paintings have been featured are: Bank of Arizona, local Sonoita Boutiques (Sonoita Hardware Store (Buffalo Gal’s), Bunkhouse Boutique, 3 Bar 3 Feed Store, Dream Weaver Boutique, Mark’s Hair Salon), Leman Academy of Excellence School Fundraiser, Creative Spirit Artist Gallery in Patagonia, and Santa Barbara Boutiques and art shows . Currently, you can view some of her paintings at The Trading Post of Patagonia.
Janelle Starr
Website: under construction (www.ArtPaintingsByJanelle.com)